Missing Persons Private Investigation

Has someone ever disappeared on you? This could be a parent, a child, a business partner, just about anyone. Maybe they aren’t listed as officially missing, but are still impossible to track down. If you’re looking for someone, it might be time to get some private investigation on the job.

Using his or her skills and connections, a private detective can find out a person’s location when others cannot. This can give you peace of mind, so that you at least know what’s become of the missing person.

A private detective investigator operates strictly within the bounds of the law. They will not help clients stalk or harass individuals. They can, however, provide information on seemingly missing persons. These services can be especially helpful if said person owes you a court appearance.

If someone in your life has disappeared, and answers seem to be in short supply, contact Bynum Private Investigations in Aptos, CA. This is a professional private investigation firm with a great track record.


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